BrandStore is an outsourced service for merchandize management for corporates, retailers and franchising brands looking for standardization of their branding experience.

YumWeb created a SaaS based platform with multiple sites running on sub-domains and powered with robust E-commerce systems. Each sub-domain with E-commerce can be dedicated to an organization where the product inventory, users and orders can be managed independently.


This is an unique project where we have conceptualized , developed more than 100 collateral that can aid the brand to manage their unique identity across their clinics. We have gone to the extent of helping the brand procurement , vendor negotiation and making the whole products available through a secure login to in an e-commerce website

25 Mar 2015

Studio11 Salon & Spa

Studio11 Salon & Spa is a chain of premium salon & spa , we have developed the content , concept and product classification literally we got indulges so much that at the end of this project our boys could even lecture about hair & skin products of Loreal and Dermalogica.